Awarding level:

Level 3


6 hours/ 1 day


On-site at your offices, premises or venue of choice


An anaphylactic shock, or anaphylaxis, is a life-threatening, serious allergic reaction to an allergen such as food substances or insect stings. If it is not treated appropriately, it may cause death. This training is for qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders. Automated External Defibrillation (AED)/ Defibrillator Instruction is included. Available as a short, basic intro bolt-on to any of our First Aid courses.

Syllabus includes:

  • Describe anaphylaxis
  • Identify triggers for anaphylaxis
  • Describe life threatening problems
  • Explain the need for an early call for help
  • Explain the treatment for anaphylaxis
  • Conduct an initial assessment using ABCDE approach
  • Adrenaline-auto injector key features
  • Safe use of adrenaline auto-injectors
  • Safe disposal of sharps
  • Handover to medical professionals
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" We were sceptical at first because your costs were much lower than others in the same field… however I was really impressed… Chris and Dave are the best trainers we’ve ever had. "

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