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Children’s mental health wellness

Our work takes us far and wide.  We are fortunate to visit nurseries, schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Europe and Middle East to train staff and sometimes students, and the wider community.

Outstanding practitioners

Regarding the crucial Early Years stage; we have met some outstanding practitioners along the way.  

We would like to give a special mention to Zakia Hoque from Mallorca International School.  Zakia is Primary Coordinator and has a wealth of experience working in the UK, Spain and currently Mallorca.  Her ethos, which runs throughout the school, is to give every child the chance to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.  She is particularly passionate about developing and maintaining children’s mental health wellbeing.

Support from senior leadership

In discussing mental health training plans and mental health wellness initiatives with our clients, we always stress the importance of having the support from senior leadership.  Changing workplace culture to embrace mental wellness and challenge stigma has to run organisation-wide.  Kudos where it is due to senior management at Mallorca International School.  They have backed Zakia’s endeavours enabling her to establish mindfulness sessions. Furthermore, a range of planned events and activities during Children’s Mental Health Week 2020.

Coordinated, team effort

The results of the mindfulness sessions, for example, have been astonishing with Zakia reporting that even the youngest of students have demonstrated their ability to self-regulate.  Not only have the children benefitted from the school’s wellness programmes, the staff have too with specific activities aimed to help them.  It must be said this has been a coordinated, team effort.  As well as senior management’s backing, Zakia’s colleagues have been instrumental in supporting and implementing plans.

Mental health advocate and warrior

A true Mental Health advocate and warrior, we are excited to collaborate with Zakia on future projects.  We will be publishing a feature by her soon outlining the events of Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 at Mallorca International School.


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