Walk faster, live longer

Walk faster, live longer is the message in the news this week. According to a BBC news item on health, middle-aged people are being warned that high levels of inactivity might be harming their health. Those aged between 40 – 60 years old are being urged to walk more and faster to stay healthy. The […]

New Academic Year – Training Schools Tour Begins

The new academic year for 2017/2018 is fast approaching and so our training schools tour begins. This is the time when many of our nursery, school and college clients draft us in to deliver first aid training for their staff. Our training for schools kick-started this week in Riga, Latvia. Staff from an international school […]

Do you know about ICE on your smartphone?

First let’s talk about ICE – In Case of an Emergency In the medical context, an individual can provide important information regarding any condition(s) they might have, and contact details of friends or family ‘in case of an emergency’. This could be in the form of an identity bracelet, wristband or dog-tag to signal for […]

From Doha to Doncaster, Muscat to Milton Keynes

From Doha to Doncaster, Muscat to Milton Keynes and Alicante to Aldershot….we go anywhere and everywhere! The last few years has seen us grow from a national training provider to an international one. This summer we are pleased to add Qatar, Latvia and Turkey to the list. We can’t wait to visit these new countries […]

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