first aid skills every parent needs to know

First Aid Skills Every Parent Needs to Know

There is a very important feature on The Sun’s digital health page today; first aid skills every parent needs to know.

According to the report, three in four parents do not have the skills to save their toddler from choking. This must be every parents worse nightmare.

As your tot continues to grow, so too does their curiosity and heightened risk of injury and illness. We don’t want to spoil their fun! But there are steps we can take to safeguard their well-being, and should the worse happen; we can all be better prepared to help injured or ill children.

This is a great article by The Sun’s Digital Health Editor Lizzie Parry. We recommend reading and sharing it with other parents, family, friends and colleagues.

We have two dedicated Paediatric First Aid Training courses. Both cover scenarios such as a choking baby and an unresponsive child, through to handling bites, stings and burns. They are internationally-recognised, Ofsted and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) approved. They’re a necessity for professionals such as nursery personnel, teachers and child-minders. However, parents and carers/ guardians benefit hugely from this training that we deliver.

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