It doesn't matter where you talk

It doesn’t matter where you talk

It doesn’t matter where you talk as brilliantly portrayed on an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Time on Our Hands

We love a bit of Only Fools and Horses!  There are plenty of laughs in every episode.  However one particular scene with Delboy and Rodney in ‘Time on Our Hands’ stands out in relation to our latest theme ‘it doesn’t matter where you talk’.

After Rodney and Cassandra’s miscarriage, Del comes up with a plan to get Rodney to talk about his feelings.  Del tampers with the lift (in Nelson Mandela House) and after being trapped for some time, the brothers have a discussion about the miscarriage.  In opening up to his older brother, Rodney feels better about the situation.

Ahead of its time

This scene was quite ahead of its time as it dealt with miscarriage from a father’s point of view.  Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of opening up and discussing feelings.

Reaching out

While we don’t wish to promote tampering with lifts, we do want to promote reaching out.  During our Mental Health First Aid Training sessions, participants have come up with great ideas to encourage dialogue.  GUtech, for example, are exploring ‘walk and talk’ at work.  Twyla Nursery are starting ‘coffee and chat’ sessions for parents to discuss wellness themes.

If you see someone in need, guide them somewhere they feel safe and confident to talk.  The same applies to you.  Reach out to someone you trust to talk to, and find your safe, comfortable place.

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